Kingdom Rush Frontiers Download Flash / iOS / Android


Kingdom Rush Frontiers Download Flash / iOS / Android



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Alric the Warrior

Alric is a great warrior of Hammerhold. He strikes enemies with lightning speed and calls upon the warrior spirits from the desert to help him. Alric’s upgradeable skills include Swordsmanship, Better Armor, Toughness, Flurry and Sand Warriors.

Mirage the Assassin

A legendary assassin of the order, Mirage has sworn her daggers and her unorthodox but effective tactics to the protection of Hammerhold and the forces of good. Mirage’s upgradeable skills include Precision, Shadow Dodge, Swiftness, Shadow Dance and Lethal Strike.

Cronan the Beastmaster

A son of the wild, a king of the jungle! He has fought on every terrain known to man, his whip has tamed beast and man alike, and with him comes the unstoppable wrath of nature. Cronans upgradeable skills include Boarmaster, Stampede, Falconer, Deep Lashes and Regeneration.

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Download Flash / iOS / Android

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